Statue of Liberty

Why I'm Running

America is in trouble, existential trouble. It is time, once again, for her sons and daughters to stand up, step forward and get into the fight!

I am an American, Texan by birth, and I consider myself fortunate to live in this great country. That patriotic sense has always been a part of who I am. And who I am is also defined by my faith.  God calls us to step forward, to be leaders and, like many others, I’m proud to carry the torch of Freedom. I am an America First Patriot and I will rise to the challenge!

Global forces, evil forces, are moving to subvert our way of life. Our Constitution and our rights are being trampled. We see government encroaching on our freedoms as it becomes increasingly authoritarian, forcing illegal mandates down our throats as they try to control us. They are poisoning our children’s minds in order to enslave them.  Socialists, liberal ideologues and greedy politicians are all working together to destroy the USA. But the good news is, Americans have awakened to the threat. God is with us, we are uniting and we will fight!

delr io border.jpg

For 30 years I patrolled the Rio Grande as a Border Patrol Agent. I knew good men and women who gave their lives to uphold their Oath to the Constitution. I saw many things but I never saw lawlessness and chaos like what has transpired since Biden allowed the southern border invasion. He has sold us out.

Cartels sprang into action and, aided by morally corrupt officials and greedy non-government organizations, they are flooding our towns with millions of illegal aliens. And we, the taxpayers, are paying for it. The consequences of this betrayal will be reaped long into the future, even into the lifetime of our children’s children. We should be outraged and we must fight for them!

A greater evil is taking place: women, children and men are being exploited and trafficked to feed an insatiable lust for gratification. Many are being forced into sexual slavery and many others are beaten, robbed, raped and murdered because the US Government, our officials, broke the system and are enticing them, thus putting their lives in danger. This is morally reprehensible and as Americans, righteous indignation must be transformed into action!  


People also know about the betrayal and involvement of our current US Congressman. He has trampled our conservative ideals because he is a liberal infiltrator. He is truly a traitor to our sacred American principles and has failed to defend Texas. But he is not the only one and Texans are tired of the hypocrisy, the lies and games that politicians play. We will fire them!  

It won’t be easy. The elitists think they will continue getting away with it. The powerful rely on people to be complacent, ill-informed and intimidated as they crack the whip on those who are blindly loyal. It is the pattern they have long used to remain in power as they laugh at us.

Well, we have had enough. I am here to fight tyrants and to tear down their kingdoms. I am here to help save our home, Texas. I am here to rally We the People into action and to put America First! Put on the armor of light and join me!